The Film

René   is a feature film that explores filmmaking as a curatorial form of entertainment, and entertainment as curatorial practice. René tells the story of the artistic and personal relationships between French sculptor François Auguste René Rodin (actor, TBA), Bohemian-born German poet René Maria Rilke, Irish-born playwright George Bernard Shaw (actor, TBA)  and an American dancer-choreographer René Barnes (actor, TBA). René is ménage à quatre, an aesthetic love story between textual, visual and performing arts. René is one in a trilogy of dramas by American museologist, curator and filmmaker Homa Taj (IMDb) about the world of art and aesthetics. THE DEALER (website) tells the story of a thirty-something year-old idealist art dealer who struggles with the contemporary art world and art market’s rapidly evolving structures. The third feature is about a third generation art collector, and a descendant of Holocaust survivors.